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Evening Desert Safari For Travel Enthusiasts

For international or local visitors, the Golden city of the United Arab Emirates “Dubai” is a center of attraction. In the terms of checking new wonders and exploring breathtaking attractions. However, some of them are luxurious and expensive and some come on everyone’s bucket list. Here we will discuss the 2 in 1 attraction, which can be luxurious or budget-friendly as per the desire of the travellers. We will discuss evening desert safari, its highlights, price, way to explore and where to explore. 

However, whenever you come across the United Arab Emirates, there are many famous tour operators. Who helps you to make your days in UAE memorable by providing their best tour services. All you need to visit this site https://www.happydesertsafari.com/ connect with the representative, select your best tour and enjoy the services. If I discuss my days in Dubai, Happy Adventures Tourism LLC let me experience their best service at discounted rates. So, these kinds of tour operators ensure that you’re having your best time in UAE. Moreover, they gave me a 60% discount on my second tour. So without any further ado, let check out what are highlights and what were inclusion I got to experience.

A Mindblowing Evening Desert Safari Experience

Before highlighting its eye-catching inclusion, I like to say this evening desert safari in Dubai is a perfect place to have fun in the Arabian desert. However, you can enjoy it in at early morning or overnight. Where their experiences are different and fascinated the audience by their sunrise or overnight camping. To provide the services, there are especially best companies that open their site “https://www.desertsafaricompany.com/” to let people enjoy their best time by enjoying fun-filled activities on Arabian sand. Since we were the special guests of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC, we got to witness the stunning natural beauties of our exciting venture.

1. Pick up & Drop Off Via Land Cruiser:

In this typical off-road tour, mostly pick and drop service is provided as per the desire and budget of guests. Since we picked private and advanced packages, so Happy Adventures Tourism LLC sent a driver to pick us up at our designated location. There was no extra cost for this pick and drop service, it came as the package inclusion of a 6-hours evening tour. 

Where on the way to arrive at the Bedouin camp location, we got to enjoy the most stunning views of high red dunes. Which was the beginning of our fun on Arabian sand. Where the golden majestic dunes were welcoming us to explore their beauties and enjoy some thrilling and exciting sand activities.

2. Dune Bashing on Stunning Golden Arabian Dunes:

If you will ever check the history of desert safari, you will find that this tour helps travellers to experience the traditional Bedouin culture and lifestyle. However, some thrilling activities have been added to splendid the fun. Where there is a popular one known as dune bashing. 60% of travellers who visit the UAE must experience the taste of thrill via dune bashing. As well as taste to Bedouin lifestyle.

This thrilling ride was added as package inclusion with a duration of 25 minutes. Where due to the pandemic 4 people were accommodating and seated well. Moreover, to make sure the travellers are safe, the vehicle is roll-cage covered and perfectly fitted with safety equipment Where we made photography and videography while dune bashing for our social media. Long story short, dune bash is the insane manoeuvre, I have ever experienced in my life.

3. ATV Quad Bike:

Along with the dune bashing, one more adventurous activity was added as the package inclusion was “ATV Quad Bike”. The amazing thing about this ride is that you’re supposed to ride on your own. Besides, the great part was that everyone was provided instant training by the professionals and safety kits. Such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads etc. One hour of Quad bike came in our package to explore the golden high red dunes well.

4. SandBoarding:

Sandboarding on the soft Arabian sand was another exciting and funfilled experience, we got to admire. Where we fixed our feet on the skateboard, provided by the Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Where while maintaining the balance we were sliding on the high red dunes. Where there was no fear of fall because the soft Arabian sand was there to catch us.

5. Camel Ride:

Enjoying the Camel safari and exploring the golden Arabian sand is another level of excitement. Must-try whenever you come across here. We had the best ride during the final dusk hours. On the other hand, the environment was so peaceful that was our last sand activity of the day. After this, we were asked to visit the Bedouin camp. Which were decorated with a pure Bedouin theme. Where we got to enjoy amazing goodies and luxuries at the Bedouin camp.

4. Bedouin Camp Fun:

The Bedouin camp’s environment was pretty adorable where the Arabian music was playing in the background. We got to enjoy unlimited Arabian coffee, Qehwah, tea, soft drinks and veg snacks as the starters. We got to facilitate other services at the Bedouin camp. Such as Henna Designing by professionals and Arabic Costume Photography. Where the Arabic dresses were available for every guest. Along with it, we snapped a picture with the national bird of UAE “Falcon” and enjoyed Sheesha too.

7. Live Entertainment Shows After the Sunset:

Happy Adventures Tourism LLC offered us an exclusively evening desert safari to witness the real flavour of Middle Eastern Culture. In the face of live entertainment shows performed by professionals at the centre of Bedouin camp. Where 2 entertaining belly dancing shows, 2 Tanoura shows and 2 fire shows were included. Where the performers were showing them some interesting moves, were way entertaining to watch live.

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8. Delicious Arabic Feast Buffet Dinner:

At last, the staff of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC were inviting their guest to have the BBQ buffet dinner. We got to enjoy an extensive variety of veg and non-veg international cuisines prepared by award-winning chefs in the UAE. Outside the camp, there was a BBQ station to taste some tasty BBQ feast.

After the dinner, the tour operator dropped us back at our place, where they had picked us. That experience was mindblowing, whenever you will experience this tour must avail the services of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC.

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