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How to Turn Off and Restart iPhone 13?

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Similar to iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup capabilities Face ID and springs without the Home button. The strength button has also been changed with one of the better brand new Side buttons on more recent iPhones.

The Side button at the right aspect of the iPhone turns on Siri when you press and maintain it. As a result, the approach to energy off or restart an iPhone X or later the usage of physical buttons is completely exclusive.

Whereas on iPhone eight or earlier, you can actually truly press and hold the electricity key to replace the device.

Perhaps, if you’re coming from iPhone 8 or older you then would possibly discover it difficult to turn off iPhone 13. Worry no longer!

In this short guide, we can cover different ways that you could use to switch off or energy off your iPhone 13. Besides, there is a trick to shut down and restart iPhone thirteen without the power button in case it is broken or now not working.

How to electricity off your iPhone thirteen

Using hardware buttons

This is the same old way to interchange off an iPhone without using the screen. It comes available when you need to show off your iPhone whilst the display is broken or now not running.

Press and maintain the Side button and Volume Up or Down button till you see the strength off the slider.
Drag the slider that announces “slide to strength off” to the right.
Your iPhone will now turn off.

TIP: You can get admission to Emergency SOS and Medical ID from the energy off the screen and quickly turn off the Find My community in order that your iPhone doesn’t remain traceable after it’s far powered off.

To switch on the iPhone 13, just press and keep the Side button for a few seconds. The tool will transfer again on and the Apple logo will seem on the screen.

Without electricity button

There is a hidden setting in iOS to shut down an iPhone or iPad without the bodily buttons. In this manner, you could effortlessly close down your iPhone without using the mix of Side and Volume buttons.

It is helpful whilst the Side button isn’t running or whilst you are the usage of the tool with one hand. Surprisingly, not many iPhone customers are privy to the digital Shut Down choice.

To flip off your iPhone thirteen without the strength button,

How to pressure restart iPhone 13 or 13 Pro

There might be instances when you want to force restart an iPhone. Such as while your iPhone 13 display is frozen or whilst the iPhone is caught at the Apple emblem or loading display. In this sort of case whilst you’re, iPhone turns unresponsive, a normal restart received help.

To force reboot iPhone thirteen, press and speedy release the quantity up button. Then press the volume down button and fast-release it. Now press and keep the Side button till the Apple brand appears on the display. Wait for the tool to boot up.

How to restart iPhone 13

Unlike Android devices, the iPhone and iPad do not consist of a restart or reboot option. Therefore, customers only have the option to strengthen their tool and then flip it on manually. Well, there may be a hidden restart button on the iPhone and iPad that is available in iOS 12 and later.

To reboot your iPhone thirteen without the Volume button or Side button,

That’s it. Your iPhone will now restart routinely.

Optionally, you could customize the AssistiveTouch menu. Doing so will assist you to flow the Restart choice to the main menu of the AssistiveTouch button for quicker access.

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