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How API Integration Benefits App Development: Top 5 API Development Practices

API Development Practices to Design an API

API integration has built a new world of possibilities for all businesses. Almost every industry is ready to integrate APIs into their mobile application. While it facilitates users to get services more efficiently, it eases down the development team’s work.

API integration has played a crucial role in the recent mobile app transformation. But, while it has advanced its services, it has relieved app developers to pull off the projects.

It improves the app’s benefits, from reducing development time to enhancing innovation. For any business owner, if you are investing in, the APIs to integrate into their business application promise a high return on investment. However, if you run a business and want to create a mobile application, don’t forget to provide service through APIs.

Moreover, it seems complicated to implement APIs in mobile app development; in actuality, it is not. You can contact an app development company if you are wondering about the API development process.

In addition, this post has brought you some information about the top API development practices. Read the information and create a top-notch mobile app fulfilling your business needs.

Top 5 API Development Practices to Design an API

Use Appropriate HTTP Verbs 

Different HTTP verbs, for instance, GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE, create various routes. Depending on the request that you need to serve, you should use appropriate HTTP verbs. Also, it is handy to use the HTTP method to do so. In addition, the given are the verbs that you can utilize to service or requests to respond to:

Since these are the frequently used HTTP verbs to perform responses on different endpoints, it is not limited to them. As per the request and how the program wants to respond, developers can utilize the favorable HTTP methods.

Use Status Codes and Messages

When it comes to handling responses, using status codes and messages will be the best practice for implementing API. Status codes can navigate the request if it is successful or failed. Also, using the status code is a simple way to guide users if the request is successful. Moreover, it enables the action to be performed as per the request.

Different status codes to use:

1xx informational response: The request was received; the process is proceeding

2xx successful: The request was acknowledged, comprehended, and accepted.

3xx redirection: Additional steps are required to complete the request.

4xx client error: The request is invalid or has incorrect syntax

5xx server error: The server refused to process an ostensibly legitimate request.

Leverage API documentation

Most of the time, you can create an extremely useful and attractive API, but without enough documentation, people and users will struggle to comprehend how your API functions. This is where an app development company can help you to understand the use of API for your business.

Giving your users thorough API documentation can help them understand how things operate and which endpoints are available for requests. Also, You may use various API documentation tools to create incredible and approachable APIs (Postman, Swagger, ReDoc). While making your API, you should think about improving the documentation. It helps you to create a robust API.

Endpoint formatting (URL Routes/nouns/camelCase)

Endpoints act as the routes to take while executing a specific request. Therefore, assigning and developing better URL endpoints is a good idea. When designing and coming up with endpoints to be hit when making requests, there are numerous best practices to consider.

The best practices for API development that should be used include the following.


No one method of designing APIs will be effective for all businesses. The advice above and recommendations are simply suggestions you can use or disregard based on your use case and requirement. The ability of the end user to use your API is one of the primary reasons API design is important. Their needs ought to serve as the inspiration for creating a fantastic API. So, you should discuss your requirements with the top API app development company to kickstart your API development project. Only experts can provide you with the desired features for your business needs.


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