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Does an Extended Warranty for TV & Mobile increase the lifetime


Talking about the extended warranty for TV and Extended Warranty for MobileIn today’s world, TV appliances play a key role to help in entertaining us in our daily life. They have become integral because they lessen the workload and ease the work process. The electronic appliance breakdown might disrupt our every schedule, and that’s why an extended warranty for TV is significant.

A breakdown increases the financial burden with the pressure to get your products repaired. An extended warranty for mobile could resolve most of these problems, provided if you have taken a contract for all your appliances against service standards and breakdowns. This plan offers protection for all the appliances under the single plan.


Why should you take an extended warranty plan?

The extended warranty for mobile would compensate for financial risk which is associated with loss or damage of your appliances due to some of the reasons such as:

#1. Functional/ Mechanical breakdown

Any electrical or mechanical defects or failure of the appliance that causes an error in your product functioning would be repaired and taken care of under this plan.

#2. Accidental Damage

Damage caused to your covered products within your premises accidentally. Any damage to your products or negligence on the user’s part for safeguarding the product against damage won’t fall under the category of accidental damage.

Why should you opt for this plan?

There is a multitude of reasons behind purchasing such plans. Some of them are below:


  1. 1: The older appliances constitute a greater risk of breakdowns. The plans of cover appliances for around 10 years so that there is limited expenditure which would not increase your budget.


  1. 2: There is little or no need for maintaining various contracts for different appliances. With the help of this plan, you can easily cover all your appliances under a single plan in your home.


  1. 3: No other kind of protection plan in the potential market would offer this wide coverage as  can cover both functional breakdowns as well as accidental damages.


  1. 4: You can also consult some friends or acquaintances to get double assurance about their services under this plan. The reliability and durability of this plan.


  1. 5: Appropriate valuation for all your appliances since only 10% depreciation per annum is applied for the appliance’s age.



An Extended Warranty for TV can ensure the safety of your product. Most importantly, it has won the customer’s trust over the years through quality services. The appliances are taken care of by experienced technical experts. So, the customers get assured that their product is in safe hands.

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