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Difference between Gaming laptop and regular laptop?

Gaming laptop and regular laptop

A laptop that can handle high-end games efficiently (minimum 60fps) is a gaming laptop. It should have a decent cooling system as gaming on a laptop increases the temperature of the system significantly.

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Normal laptops today are designed to impress people who use them for business, work, and the internet. It is made according to user requirements, not more than that. A normal laptop costs anywhere from 500$ to 2000$ USD, but we cannot use them for gaming.

Normally, laptops can be classified in many ways, such as slim and sleek laptops for college, business laptops for work, touch laptops, tablet-like laptops, etc. Each one serves its own purpose.

Gaming laptops are now differentiated by the performance they deliver. These include laptops with high graphics cards, quad-core or more CPUs, high-end cooling systems, strong hardware, RGB or regular keyboards, etc.

Those who wish to play games should purchase only gaming laptops, not regular laptops.

The price of gaming laptops starts from $800 USD, and for the best gaming experience, buy a laptop with a minimum of an i5 quad core processor and a GTX 1050 GPU.

Top Distinguishing Features of Gaming Laptop From Normal Laptop

The lights, as well as the design of the casing, while common to most gaming laptops, are not mandatory.

There are three things that will make a laptop better suited to play video games than a non-gaming laptop

Note: A gaming laptop can perform all tasks that a normal laptop can, but vice versa is not possible. Simply, that means you can play the Fortnite game on just a gaming laptop, not on a non-gaming laptop.


Laptops designed specifically for gamers are available on the market. If you’re a competitive player or just a casual gamer who wants to play wherever you go, a gaming laptop is the best choice. 

These systems are designed for playing AAA games, they have displays with a response time of 1, 3, 7, 9, ms, powerful CPUs, and dedicated graphics cards (Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080, RTX 2060, etc.) and good cooling.

In addition, they are bulkier and heavier since they have to fit the newest parts into the chassis. In contrast, a normal laptop is usually used for day-to-day tasks. 

Generally, they have lightweight chassis and good battery life, which allows you to use them for tasks like Microsoft Office, web browsing or watching movies throughout the day.

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