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Best Casual and Educational Kids Android Games

Fun and educational games: Find the best android games for your kids.

Finding quality games for kids isn’t an easy task. If you have a kid, you may have an idea how it’s difficult to find a game that is suitable for your kid according to their age. Kids love to play games in their spare time. Usually, parents allow them to play these games for educational purposes or to engage them in some activities.

Multiple games are specifically designed for the kids; some may not be the best fit for your kids, or some didn’t allow you to run on your current operating system. If you are an android user, this article is the best for you. In this article, we will explain the kid’s android games best graphics. Each game is perfectly safe for kids and is truly considered the best kid’s android game.

Best Kids Android Games

1. ABC Games: Phonics & Tracing

Price: Free

Nature: Educational Game

Rating: 4.5

ABC Games is one of the best kid’s android games. This game is specifically designed for preschool kids. It has five million plus downloads and a 4.5 rating on the Google play store. It is a very simple game that teaches ABCs how to differentiate the upper and lower case letters.

This is a reward base game; if the child finishes a particular task, they can win the sticker within the game. RV AppStudios is the developer of this game; they also made various Android games for children. However, this game is specifically designed for children around kindergarten age. This game is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad.

2. Moose Math

Price: Free

Nature: Educational Game

Rating: 5.0

Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose is another best kids’ android game; it has five starts on the Google play store, which make it one of the best kids’ games for smartphone. This game has various levels; each coming level is difficult. This game allows kids to learn basic math, colors, problem-solving, and other important stuff.

This game is completely free, so parents can download this game for their kids. So they can learn the basic educational stuff that is essential for their schooling. Some other games, including Duck Duck Moose Reading, Fish School, and Moose Math, are also developed by a similar developer.

3. Kids Academy Talented & Gifted

Price: Free

Nature: Educational Game

Rating: 4.8

Kids Academy is another best kids’ android game. This game includes many further games, and each game is related to educational values. Parents can download this game for their kids because children can use this app for counting, reading, shapes, preschool, puzzles, animals, music, and many more.

This app is full of educational stuff that is essential for your kids. Many parents have already downloaded this app and used it for their children’s educational learning. It has 4.8 stars in the Google play store. Further, this app allows parents to check children’s progress tracking and personalized learning plans; help kids become advanced learners, master math, reading and bedtime stories, and many more.

4. Deep Loot

Price: Free

Nature: Adventure

Rating: 4.0

Deep loot is the best kids’ android game in terms of adventure. The experts approve of this game, and there is no violence or anything that harms the children. It has millions of downloads, making it one of the best kids’ android games. This can be played by children ages 6 to 12 years ages. This game is about fighting, digging, and swimming. Kids can discover lost ruins, plunder hidden treasures, and earn chunky paychecks.

The prominent features of this game include over 250 pieces of collectible loot to find, five unique depths packed with secrets and surprises, and a huge range of achieving goals for kids who like challenges. This game also comes with a stunning original musical score featuring over eight amazing tracks.

5. TownScaper

Price: $4.99

Nature: Casual

Rating: 4.0

Townscaper is also one of the best kids’ android games. This game is designed for all ages of groups. This is not a free game; you have to pay some dollars, then your kids will be able to play this game. In this game, your kids find beautiful buildings in the middle of the ocean. It is an easy game; your children can understand and play easily.

There is nothing hard, no need to read something, just play and enjoy. Even though there is no certain goal, this game looks great for children; no violence or harsh thing can be found in this game. Townscaper is a hoot to boot, so don’t miss it out. This is the best game for children who are not school-going. 

6. Little Inferno

Price: $2.99

Nature: Casual

Rating: 4.1

Little Inferno is paid kids’ android game. This game is specifically designed for adventure and puzzle adventure and is stylized. It is a single-player game and the best for children. Parents can download this game for their children without any hesitation. Little Inferno is an award-winning game for children. Over one million copies of this game have already sold.

Its awards include IGF grand prize finalist, IGF Nuovo award finalist, tech excellence finalist and winner, design honorable mention, and audio mention. This game can be playable in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Brazilian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Ukrainian.

7. Toca Kitchen 2

Price: Free

Nature: Educational & Casual

Rating: 4.1

Toca Kitchen is a free, open-ended, and gender-neutral game. This game can be used for educational purposes, simulation, and casual. Yan can download this app to your Android mobile for your kids. This is also considered one of the best kid’s android games. Its multiple features include new ingredients in the fridge, a new character to feed, stronger character reactions, a new oven and juicer, no third-party advertising, and no in-app purchasing.

Toca Boca develops this game, a game studio that makes digital toys and educational games for kids. This game is creative for the kids; they can learn a lot by playing it.

8. Gocco Zoo – Paint & Play

Price: Free

Nature: Education

Rating: 4.1

Gocco Zoo is another best kids’ android game that offers an enjoyable game where you can raise zoo animals and paint them. This game is specifically designed for kids ages 2 to 5. Its prominent features include feeding animals, painting animals, showing them off, endless play that stimulates the imagination, no in-app purchase, and no third-party advertisement.

Gocco is a Japanese word that means make-believe. The key purpose of this game is to provoke the self to believe in the children. Playing this game enhances the child’s ability to learn and think of themselves. This game is the best choice for parents to download for their children.  

Final Words

It’s hard for parents to find the best game for their children, but this article allows parents to choose the best-suited android game for their children. Little Inferno is the best choice for your children if you can pay some money. However, other free android games like ABC Games: Phonics & Tracing, Kids Academy Talented & Gifted, and Moose Math are also the best choice for the educational development of the kids

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