US President Joe Biden fight against the COVID-19 pandemic this week.

US President Joe Biden hit another one of his own stretch goals in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic this week.

It was four weeks late, but 70 per cent of American adults have now received at least one coronavirus vaccination. A tick over 60 per cent are fully vaccinated.

Despite the milestone, the New York Times reported that there was no celebration at the White House.

With the end of America’s summer of freedom now in sight, Biden returned to something that’s become a familiar feature of his presidency so far — a sobering address to the nation about COVID-19.

Australia has been neck deep in its fight with the delta variant of coronavirus for a while now, but the battle in the US is just heating up.

Keep in mind, the US has vaccination rates that were last week announced as the trigger for the easing of restrictions in Australia.

There’s been a fourfold increase in new daily cases in the US compared to last month, with the latest outbreak concentrated in states with the lowest vaccination rates.

Florida broke its own record for current hospitalizations. At the moment, there are more than 1,500 people ending up in hospital with COVID-19 every day.

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