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How to Keep Yourself Awake from Boring Lectures in University

Feeling drowsy or even actually falling asleep in class is a common enough issue for every other student. There can be various reasons contributing to this situation. Dull and boring delivery of lectures comes foremost on that list. Sometimes even complex topics become interesting with some effort on the teacher’s part. Unfortunately, there are also instructors who tend to make your favorite subject a form of drudgery. Keeping that in mind we have provided some tips to help you stay attentive during such times.

  1. Move around

We know that would seem like an impractical suggestion to follow in the middle of class. But longer lectures usually allow breaks or you can request the teacher to step out for a while. Walk around, jog in place, or jump around a bit once out of the lecture hall. The few minutes of physical activity will get your blood pumped and raise your attention and energy level.

  1. Morning shower

Taking a shower in the mornings helps immensely in preventing uncalled for sleep. If the weather allows, cold showers are an even better option. The chilly temperature would be jarring at first but that is exactly what will leave you refreshed. A shower is one of the best things to make your body ready for the day. Along with getting rid of sleep from your system.

  1. Improve sleeping habits

Getting in bed at ten in the night is a difficult schedule to stick too with the pressure of academics. Most of your nights are dedicated to completion of assignments and anxiety to meet multiple deadlines. Even when you manage to force yourself in bed early you would be unable to sleep because of stress. In turn, aided by the boredom of lecture hall you would be nodding off in class.

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  1. Good posture

Laying your head on the desk while taking a lecture will automatically signal your body to get into sleep mode. Refrain from acquiring this posture in the first place and risk losing grades and respect in class. It is admittedly more comfortable and tempting to rest your head during a tiring college day. But no matter how much you convince yourself it would only last a few minutes you will end up in dreamland.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a good posture even if its not very comfortable. It will firstly keep you from sleeping and in general is better for your health in the long term. A proper posture actually boosts airflow in human body in turn raising the level of alertness. You might be surprised to know that you cut off thirty percent of your oxygen when slouching. So, check yourself immediately next time the urge to do that bothers you during class.

  1. Participate in class

If you are intentionally engaged in the goings on of the lecture, there are more chances of staying up. It includes everything from participating in discussion to taking down notes. Occupying your mind with other things will keep you distracted even if the lecture is dull.

Make sure that your notes are complete and comprehensive instead of a mess. Focusing on these little details will automatically alert your mind. If you are unable to find any facts in the lecture to jot down, then write comments or questions. If the teacher allows for it, you can share it with them during the questioning or discuss session.

  1. Keep hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is a strategy implemented by many professional with long work hours. Fluid improves your blood flow and in turn your brain gets increased amounts of oxygen. A well-oxygenated brain will remain sharp both in and outside the lecture hall.

Keep a water bottle with you in class and drink frequently. The difference in alertness of senses would be clearly noticeable. Dehydration causes irritability and fatigue along with other health issues. So, you would be solving more than just sleeping issues by acting on this tip.

  1. Positive approach

Embracing positivity equips you to even handle a hard-to-get-rid habit like sleeping in class. A subtle change of mindset can do wonders in dealing with daily situations. If you have already associated a sense of pointlessness and monotony with the lecture your body will react similarly.

On the other hand, preparing your mind for it beforehand prompts a different reaction. Step into the lecture hall with a purposeful attitude and eagerness to learn. You can even go over the content the night before yourself to get a general gist of it. If you understand some of it, your brain will make more connections in the information on its own. Once interested in the material, it is unlikely to give in to lethargy.


We are sure that our suggested tips can even make the dullest of lectures more engaging for you. They are great for improving concentration and boosting mental and physical health in general. So, as a student you can benefit from them whether you have sleeping issues or not.

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If you struggle in class, falling asleep or otherwise, merely follow these guidelines. Do remember that it will take time to get used to new sleep schedules and habits. Therefore, be patient with yourself during its course. Once you are used to them mentally and physically the outcomes would be highly rewarding.

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