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Why Lisa Rinna Runs The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

After almost a decade on the show, Lisa Rinna runs The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While Kyle Richards is the only original housewife standing, Lisa frequently steals the scene for the most hilarious and accurate commentary. She feels like an RHOBH legend in her own right. From her iconic flared bob to her varied collection of wigs and matching personas, Lisa’s impact on pop culture and RHOBH is unparalleled.

In RHOBH season 11, Lisa allied herself with Erika Jayne amid her tumultuous legal troubles. Erika became a natural partner in crime for Lisa as another unfiltered lady. Lisa and Erika make as good of friends as Lisa and Kim Richards made good enemies. Lisa Vanderpump also found herself butting heads with Lisa, often referring to each other dryly as Vanderpump and Rinna. While Lisa did go to bat unflinchingly with Vanderpump and Kim, she’s simmered down with age. Cheeky commentary keeps coming, but she’s willing to turn the other cheek when things get too spicy.

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Lisa’s adversaries and companions only reinforce her authority. In the newest season, another up-and-coming pot-stirrer, Sutton Stracke, got under Lisa’s skin. In season 11, Lisa gave Garcelle Beauvais a hard time for not writing her a thank you note after Harry Hamlin gifted Garcelle some delicious bolognese sauce. Garcelle did thank Lisa at the moment and again in person later, making Lisa’s complaint seem a little unnecessary. Sutton, a good friend to Garcelle, then took it upon herself to out Lisa for not thanking her for tickets to Elton John’s charity dinner. Lisa and Sutton went head to head on the topic at Harry’s birthday dinner before newcomer Diana Jenkins dismissed the argument as “unclassy.” However, out the gate, Lisa’s willingness to strike up a plotline proved she’s the one who moves the storyline along on RHOBH.

In RHOBH season 12, episode 3, Lisa took a step back from causing drama and having the final word. Instead, she jumped to validate everyone’s feelings when Kyle decided to put Sutton in her place for being insensitive toward Dorit Kemsley’s home invasion. Sutton had gone on about her own challenges amid the trauma, and when Kyle pushed back, she sarcastically joked that she was sorry she didn’t have “a gun to her head.” When the whole group tried to crack down on Sutton, she cited her history of home invasions and said her inappropriate reaction stemmed from discomfort. After Kyle and the rest of the women didn’t buy Sutton’s reasoning, Crystal Kung Minkoff said the group has a history of invalidating others’ feelings and intentions. Lisa was the only one at Kyle’s Palm Springs home to say everyone’s feelings were valid, and they ought to all take a step back to focus on supporting Dorit.

At this point in life, Lisa’s ability to influence a room can be the make it or break it in any scene on RHOBH. However, Lisa also consistently brings good vibes. Lisa said in episode 3, after the drama simmered down, “You wanna have fun at a bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, baptism you kinda want me there. I’m a good time.” RHOBH editors then cut to Lisa dancing on the table at Andy Cohen’s baby shower. After all these years, there arguably isn’t a housewife as talented as Lisa. She can mastermind an attack and diffuse one, and no matter what drama is going down, she’s always ready to party and have the last laugh.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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