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Southern Charm: Kathryn Dennis & Naomie Olindo Feud Timeline

Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Naomie Olindo have been feuding since the end of season 6, and fans will see the two go head to head in the upcoming season 8. Kathryn has been on Southern Charm since season 1 after catching the eyes of the resident Charleston bachelors, Shep Rose and Craig Conover. However, the 21-year-old at the time had her eyes on Thomas Ravenel, who was nearly thirty years older than her. The two embarked on a roller-coaster romance that ended with a custody battle of their two children, Kensie and Saint Ravenel.

Naomie entered Southern Charm season 3 as Craig’s girlfriend. After season 4, the couple broke up, and Naomie introduced her boyfriend Metul Shah to the group in season 6. Although Naomie and Kathryn ran in the same circles and were friendly with each other, they never became good friends. Kathryn, however, was good friends with Craig, who had her back from the beginning.

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During season 6, Kathryn spread a rumor that Southern Charm star Cameran Eubanks’ husband, Jason Wimberly, was having an affair. Although it proved to be false, Cameran chose to leave Southern Charm for her own sanity and to protect her family. Cameran’s friend and Southern Charm star Chelsea Meissner and Naomie decided to leave as well. However, after her devasting breakup with Metul, Naomie came crawling back to Southern Charm, where her feud with Kathryn picked up where it left off.

After the public learned of Kathryn’s rumor about Jason, the person in question, Rebecca Wash, refuted the affair allegations on social media. Naomie shared the post in an Instagram Story and wrote, “To all those asking why Cameran, Chelsea and I (and anyone with a life they want to protect) quit the show. It’s sh*t like this. Shame on you @kathryndennis for this and MANY other things).” Naomie added a monkey emoji, which was the same one Kathryn had used against a Black radio host that got her into hot water with Southern Charm fans.

Two months after Naomie’s departure from Southern Charm, the reality star opened up to Us Weekly about why she left the show. Although she stated that she loved most of the people on the show, she confessed her relationship with Kathryn was strained and that she struggled “with her filming strategy.” Naomie, who will champion women this season, alluded that many cast members wrote notes and strategized about how they would appear on the show. Although she didn’t specify Kathryn’s name, Naomie said, “Some people just have nothing to lose and are willing to…do whatever it takes…to try to ruin your marriage or your relationship.”

During the Southern Charm season 8 premiere, Naomie and Kathryn finally came face to face after years of not speaking to each other. As an olive branch, Kathryn invited Naomie to her thirtieth birthday party, to which Naomie accepted. The two greeted each other cordially but Kathryn was annoyed that Naomie didn’t offer more than a simple “hello.” Later that night, Kathryn approached Naomie, which ended up with a lot of yelling and Naomie walking away. During an interview with Screen Rant, Naomie shared that she and Kathryn end up in a better place by the end of the season, but not without some bumps in the road.

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Source: Us Weekly

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