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Refreshing Ideas to Accessorize Your Home

Small decor items and accessories have a profound impact on your room decor. But do you know that these accessories are so powerful that they can even break a space? Just like they freshen up your interiors, they can also overwhelm your space, if not organized wisely.

In this article, we are here to help you save from such disasters. Given below are simple ideas on how to decorate your home with accessories.

  1. Go for Quality Over Quantity

Since accessories are inexpensive and readily available that doesn’t mean you have to fill up your home with them. Fewer items that are unique work better than plenty of small knickknacks. So, when it comes to accessorizing always stick to the minimalist approach. Rather than investing in a lot of little things buy a few exquisite statement pieces that compliment your decor and add personality to your space.

  1. Strike for the right balance: 

Buying everything that looks good is not a wise decision. A tiny rug in a generously sized living room and an oversized art piece tightly packed into a small space may make your room appear awkward. Therefore, it is advisable to check the scale and proportion of your space before buying accessories. This will help you put on a well-thought design plan that works as the best fit for your space without making it feel amateurish.

  1. Use the right mix of Textures and Colors:

Accessories offer your flexibility to experiment with colors and textures. For permanent fixtures and large pieces of furniture neutral shades are ideal. So, to infuse pops of colors, textures, and patterns, accessories offer your an open end. You can swap them often with changing seasons, occasions, and even your mood. Rugs, cushions, throws are some of the great accessories that add color and a dramatic vibe to any space.

  1. Accessorize in Layers and don’t go overboard:

Accessories are for enhancing decoration and not for filling up every nook. Ensure to use them sparingly. Place large accessories first and then go on arranging medium-sized and small-sized accessories accordingly. Use them such that they strike a balance and don’t look cluttered. Also, it is always good to leave some space, so that your room offers an open and clean feel.

Top Home Accessories to Consider

If you are yet to decide what decor items to use for accessorizing your home, we are here with some inspiration. Given below are top accessories that take your home decor game to a level higher:

Now, mix match, and create a layer of accessories by opting for pieces with varying widths, heights, and styles. For a contrasting effect, try mixing vintage pieces with contemporary ones.




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