Prank On Siblings

Prank On Siblings

Whether you want to know, which is the relationship which has a healthy fight and a lot of love as well. Then that relationship is the sibling relationship. Whether between siblings, many things happen every day. Whether you get to see that, at one time the sibling is fitting and whether on another movement. You find out that the sibling has a lot of lovely movement. Whether that is a thing, which you won’t find in any relationship. When siblings share this type of thing, then having a prank with them is a common thing. There are many prank ideas, which come to mind every day. Whether when you pull a prank on your sibling, then many things happen. Whether a sibling is getting happiness, after teasing or joking with the sibling. Whether the other sibling is in an angry mood and thinking about how to take revenge for it. Whether you may get to see that other siblings get pranks on siblings instantly. Whether after some time with the full planning of the prank.

Toothpaste biscuit 

Whether people love to eat biscuits, which have filling inside them. Whether you can change the filling of the biscuit by something, then you can give that to your sibling. Whether you can fill the biscuit with the toothpaste, so when your sibling eats it. When your sibling is doing online rakhi shopping at times you can give your sibling this biscuit. Then your sibling gets amazed by eating the biscuit because you have a prank on it. Whether you can put that biscuit to your sibling’s mouth, so your sibling does not get time to find out. What is the thing or filling in the biscuit, because you do not give time to find it? Whether you can get the worst flavor of toothpaste to fill in the biscuit. So that your prank comes out more sibling on your sibling. When your sibling gets to eat the worst flavor toothpaste in the chocolate, then your sibling gets more annoyed with you. 

Glue on shampoo

Whether everybody take bath in a day, whether somebody uses shampoo every day or somebody uses shampoo. Whether after two days or whether in a week. So what you can plan as a prank with your sibling, is associated with bathing. You can apply the glue to the shampoo bottle, so that when the next time your sibling goes to take bath. When your sibling wants to apply shampoo, then that time the bottle of shampoo do not open by your sibling. Because the glue makes the bottle cap full close. Whether you want to save the shampoo, then you can keep out the whole shampoo from the shampoo bottle. Whether you can keep the shampoo in another bottle when you are done with your prank. Then you can give this shampoo bottle to your sibling so that your sibling can have a great bath. 

Make a belief to vegan that he or she eats non-veg

Whether or not you both are siblings, the choice of both the siblings may be different. Whether you like non-veg food, but your sibling likes the veg food, so you can play a prank with it. Whether you can have online gift delivery for siblings. Whether the gift which you give to your sibling, that gift has veg food, which looks like or tastes like non-veg food. So you can say to your sibling that you have eaten non-veg food, so now you are not a vegetarian anymore. This prank makes your sibling cry for sure, whether after this prank your sibling is not going to eat food that you give to them. Whether your sibling does not have trust in you, because you have pulled this prank on your sibling. 

Fake adoption paper 

Whether an adoption word is a thing, which you heard between siblings many times. Whether one sibling says that you are adopted, whether another one says that you are adopted. Whether you can pull a prank on your sibling with this thing, whether you can make a fake adoption paper. Whether you have the name of your sibling on it, with the name of a fake parent’s name, and other things. Whether you can keep this adoption paper in the room of your sibling, so when your sibling finds this or sees this. Then your sibling believes that this is original, not a fake one which you make. 

So pulling a prank on the sibling is always a fun or joyful thing. Whether you make the plan of the prank, whether single or whether with the help of other people. When you prank your sibling then you get to have so much fun and happiness.