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Read This Guide Before You Buy Used Diesel Truck in USA

People who are serious about trucking know that diesel trucks are the most powerful machines. From towing a trailer and carrying a family in comfort to hauling furniture and handling snow and ice with sure-footed safety, the versatility of a diesel truck makes it possible to do anything with it. With so much versatility in them, it is no wonder that the popularity of diesel trucks has exploded over the past 20 years. Every truck driver wants one. But not everyone wants to pay over 80K for a truck. Hence, the demand for used trucks is booming in the truck market. Unlimited options of used diesel trucks are available for sale in the market in excellent conditions.

But how to decide which used truck is right? Automatic or manual which one would be better? Which model years of trucks are more reliable than trucks? What to look for on the engine, hood, or body? With so many things to consider finding the perfect used diesel truck for sale can be an alarming process. Thus, here’s the complete used diesel truck buying to make it easier.


Why buying a used diesel truck is a better choice?

First, it is essential to understand what makes a diesel truck different from the one with a gas engine. Diesel trucks are designed to produce more torque than trucks with gas engines. With a more emphasis on torque over horsepower, diesel engines do not have as great ‘pick up’ power as gas engines. But the good part is, diesel engine allows to tow bigger trailers and haul heavier loads in the truck’s compartment.

Another reason why finding a diesel truck for sale is a better option than finding a gas engine is that diesel engines last longer. Plus, buying used diesel trucks provides the flexibility of buying more trucks than buying a new one. This is because trucks, like any other vehicle, lose their value within 2-3 years of their ownership. So, buying a used truck will give the same power at a lesser price.

Which diesel truck to buy?

Not all diesel trucks are created the same. Some produce more torque while others have the great horsepower. Some diesel trucks are designed to carry more payloads or carry heavier trailers. There are four major diesel truck brands available in the market which are Ford, GMC, Ram, and Chevrolet. Those looking for mid-sized diesel trucks for sale have two options GMC and Chevy Colorado. And those who are looking for a full-size truck can go for Ford, GMC, Chevy, and Ram. The same options are available for those who are looking for heavy-duty trucks. These kinds of diesel trucks are typically for those who are buying them for commercial purposes to tow heavy trailers like mobile homes or boats as such tasks require maximum torque.

What to look for when buying a used diesel truck?

After deciding what kind of diesel truck will work best, it’s time to find out what you need to look for when browsing for diesel trucks for sale.

Reliability– An essential thing that needs to be there in a diesel truck is reliability. Nobody wants to throw so much cash on something only to find out it turns out to be a nightmare. Luckily, there are some tactics that can be used to buy a reliable truck. In case somebody’s planning to tow heavier trailers, buying a diesel truck of 2013 or newer model.

Price– Depending upon the type of diesel truck, the price range can be pretty broad. The best bet is to research through different websites to find the rightly-priced diesel truck for sale.

Age- Age is another factor to consider when buying a used diesel truck. A 10-year-old truck might feel like an affordable option but finding the parts that need to be replaced will be difficult since most companies discontinue trucks and the accessories of their older models.

Overall Mileage– While buying a used diesel truck remember miles aren’t everything. In fact, engine hours ( such as idle time, stop-and-go city driving, or steady-state highway cruising) can tell a lot about the truck’s condition. One single hour of idle time can add up to 25 miles. It is difficult to check for all these things in the older models of trucks. But this information can easily be found in the newer models of diesel trucks. However, if someone is looking for a diesel truck to drive across the country on a regular basis, getting a truck with less mileage won’t be the wise purchase.

The decision of purchasing a used diesel truck all comes down to what the driver plans to use it for.

Most common breakdown problems for used diesel trucks

Used diesel trucks but their own set of unique problems just like any other used car.

Tire issue is one of the most common issues faced by truck owners. It is necessary to inspect the condition of tires before purchasing a used truck.

Used diesel trucks often face the problem of rust. Some bodies don’t show obvious signs of rust. Hence, a thorough check is necessary to ensure the integrity of the used truck’s body is intact.

Another common problem that truck drivers deal with is the break problem. A damaged air supply for the truck can be a big issue especially for someone going on a long trip.

Is buying a used diesel truck a smart decision?

For someone looking for a diesel truck with a serious amount of towing power, buying a second-hand truck might be a good idea. But that’s only after inspecting the truck’s condition, maintenance records, and other paperwork and documentation. Just to be sure, have a mechanic look at the condition of the second-hand truck before finalizing it. Do not overlook the fact that finding a used truck for sale in a good condition starts with searching for a reliable and authentic used truck dealership.

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