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Batman’s ‘Shadow War’ Just Killed A Major DC Character

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Robin #14

In the latest chapter of Deathstroke and Batman’s new crossover event Shadow War, a major DC character has been killed. While the conflict was kickstarted by the death of Ra’s al Ghul, more death has followed in the battles that have occurred in response. Furthermore, the ongoing mystery of the Lazarus Pits likely means that any potential resurrections for this newly slain supervillain might not have the same effects seen in the past.

During DC’s Shadow War, three different factions in the DC Universe have been battling each other. Wanting vengeance for the death of Ra’s al Ghul, his daughter Talia has taken command of the League of Assassins, intending to destroy Slade Wilson seeing as how her father’s killer was dressed as Deathstroke (intending to frame the accomplished mercenary). Recently naming himself King of the Supervilains, Deathstroke has an army of supervillains known as the Secret Society to back up him up. Meanwhile, Batman and his son Robin have been caught in the middle, having called Ghost-Maker and Batman Inc. for assistance to prevent any further bloodshed while they attempt to find the real culprit who killed Damian’s grandfather.

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However, it seems as though achieving peace during the Shadow War is easier said than done. In the new Robin #14 from Joshua Williamson and Roger Cruz, open war has broken out between the League and Society despite the best efforts of Batman Inc. to keep them apart. The new issue also sees Talia al Ghul directly confronting Deathstroke, who’s more than willing to face the Daughter of the Demon. While he didn’t kill her father, the League killed his secret son Respawn in their attempts to kill him. As such, the battle between Slade and Talia sees neither warrior holding back, though Talia proves herself to be the victor after delivering a fatal blow, killing Deathstroke.

With his death confirmed by his surviving daughter Ravager, Deathstroke is truly no more in the current DC Universe. Furthermore, Talia carries zero remorse even after her son Damian reveals that Slade didn’t kill Ra’s. Deathstroke is one of the deadliest and most dangerous supervillains of all time, the argument could be made that the DC Universe is better off without Slade. However, Deathstroke will likely be brought back in the issues to come, in all likelihood by the League’s Lazarus Pits. That being said, it’s been teased that the Pits have become cursed, meaning that Slade could come back as something far worse that he alredy was if the decision is made to revive him.

At any rate, the Deathstroke imposter arrives on the scene by the issues’s end, revealing themselves to be the the former Markovian superhero Geo-Force seeking the end Slade and Talia’s empires once and for all. While he’s halfway succeeded with the killing of Deathstroke, it’s going to be exciting to see how Batman handles the former Outsider and member of the Justice League. Regardless, Deathstroke is now the third major death in DC’s Shadow War, which has gradually become a definitive conflict not just for Slade Wilson’s family, but for Batman’s as well.

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