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7 Most Fascinating Kitchen Marble Types

Thundra Gray marble

Thundra Gray marble

Marble is no doubt the most gorgeous material for home interior. So, marble stone is considered as the symbol of luxury and elegance. Therefore, there are many high-quality marble types like Tundra Grey Marble. It is intricately used in hospitals, museums, and buildings. Thus, marble needs a little more care and maintenance. Every slab of marble has delicate veining patterns. Moreover, each marble has defining shapes, sizes, quality, and colors.
So, here is the guide below to the most elegant and unique marble types. Let’s give it a read below;

List Of Content:

  1. Thassos White
  2. Blue Marble
  3. White Himalaya
  4. Dramatic Delano
  5. Honed Black Marble
  6. Crema Marfil
  7. Tundra Grey Marble
  8. Conclusion

 Thassos White:

So, if you are looking for a pure white and a monochrome look for your kitchen. Then White Thassos marble tile is the finest choice among all. Moreover, Thassos white Marble is purely white in color. Its fine crystalline sugar-white color makes it very elegant. In addition, it is widely used in outdoor, indoor, museums, and many other historic buildings are models of this white marble. 

You can either use them as honed, matte, and polished finish. It is highly in demand because of its clear and elegant outlook. Lastly, these marbles have low to high absorption ability. They absorb the spills which result in stains and scratches. And also avoid cutting citric fruits and veggies to avoid etch marks.

Blue Marble:

Blue marbles and their multiple colors are purely made from compounds present in Calcite. Moreover, it also has multiple colors and veining patterns. The swirls and intricate patterns are because of lazulite, pyrite, and oxides. Thus, the blue marble really gives the blue sky and sea vibes.

 In addition, there is a huge range of blue marble color tones. Like from subtle powder blues to deep vibrant inky blues with multiple colors like grey, gold, orange, and whites. However, blue marbles are really eye-catching and attractive. It’s a durable, strong, and beautiful stone. They add a nice pop of color in your kitchen.

White Himalaya:


Himalaya white marbles are one of the finest choices. So, they give a very elegant and classy finish to your kitchen. They give out a very sleek and royal touch. Moreover, it can be used for flooring, countertops, backsplash, and kitchen island. 

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They have a huge range of veining patterns, sizes, and shapes. They are polished and durable. Thus, it can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. Lastly, they need proper care and maintenance to avoid stains and etch marks.

Dramatic Delano:


So, to add some zeal in your boring kitchen by dramatic Delano flooring or countertop. Delano is a marble effect porcelain tile. Moreover, they are available in a variety of types. Like Delano honed marble best suits your kitchen floor, countertop, and backsplash.

 In addition, they are commonly using in ornamental stones, indoor, and outdoor kitchen settings. Although, like other natural stones, Delano marble is less strong and demands high maintenance.

Honed Black Marble:

Honed Black Marble

If you want to add a classy and unique touch to your kitchen. Then go with honed black marble. So, the reflective nature of this stone makes it a very elegant choice from classic to a modern look. Moreover, the honed finish gives a sleek and matte touch. The intricate veining patterns add more glamor to it. However, they are commonly used in kitchen countertops, floors, and walls. Lastly, they are highly durable, sturdy, and less water absorbing. Although, it needs proper care and maintenance. Avoid using acidic elements to protect from etching.

Crema Marfil:


It is a natural stone. They depict high quality, modern designs, and a huge color range. Moreover, it comes with many finishing styles. You can select any finish according to your need. They come as polished, crude, rubbed finish, aged, and bush hammered. In addition, it is highly used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Like in outdoor settings, facades, facings, stairways, and pavings are needed. Thus, in indoor kitchens, bathrooms, stairways, lounges. Crema Marfil requires great care and maintenance. So, cleaning is done with mild detergents, etc. And harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia can destroy the sealing and texture. Lastly, it is one royal ingredient for grand alley decoration by mixing with other materials.

Tundra Grey Marble:

Tundra Grey Marble in the USA is basic grey marble. It gives a really elegant and graceful finish to your home. Moreover, they come in basic grey color with white veining from cloud-like patterns. Thus, it depicts high quality, strength, and style. It’s the most suitable type for kitchens, floors, bathrooms, and walls. In addition, they are highly suitable for both domestic and commercial use. They also come in a variety of finishes. Either polished or honed. Lastly, selling premium quality Tundra marble in a budget-friendly manner.


Here, in conclusion, hoping you’ve read the whole article. So, you must get familiar with the multiple types of unique marble for your kitchen setting. The marble world is really diverse. Therefore, it is really tricky to select anyone for your kitchen design. Some of the really trendy and unique marble pieces. Such as Crema Marfil, blue marble, tundra grey marbles, and etc.

All of the above-told types glance at top quality, durability, trendy designs, and delicate veining patterns. Moreover, the user-friendly features of these marbles. Like water absorption, stain resistance, finishes, and prices made them highly in demand. Go and buy a perfect marble type for your kitchen setting. So, your kitchen gives an imperial and sleek look.


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