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The 6 Best Government Jobs OR Sarkari Job Options for Engineers

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Undeniably, India has the highest percentage of graduating Indians every year. However, not all of them are able to score a job in their preferred field, owing to the high graduating numbers and low availability of related vacancies in the market. It is why several engineers aspire to earn a Sarkari job and enjoy the stability and security that comes along with it. Moreover, with the new pay commission coming into effect, the compensation offered in government jobs is also getting at par with the private jobs, a staunch reason why more and more young graduates look at the public sector for a more settled life. 

Life can be very unpredictable but we all move for stability. Especially when it comes to a job, most of us want a stable job that meets all our needs in terms of covering finance, health insurance, etc. A government job or Sarkari job provides you all these benefits. So there is a lot of competition when it comes to getting selected for a job in the government sector. Many aspirants feel that visiting a coaching center will help them achieve their dreams. In fact nothing can guarantee success.

However, the advantages of opting for a Sarkari job don’t end at stability and increasing pay number. A government employee is entitled to good pay and bonuses on various occasions and can claim a pension upon retirement. These are just some of the reasons why engineers are turning towards developing their careers in the government sector of the country. 


If you are an engineer looking for the best Sarkari job roles, this article educates you on the same. 


#1: State Public Service Commission:


India is home to over 25% of all engineers in the world. Most graduates, during their course, develop a sound understanding of Mathematics, logical reasoning, and analytical skills that can help them clear the State Public service examinations. PSC exams are carried out by the State Public Service Commission for various administrative posts in the state. The job profile is very similar to that of the civil servant. 


#2: National Banks:


The banking sector always demands tech-driven professionals, which makes engineers with analytical skills the perfect choice. Bank Sarkari jobs are satisfactory in terms of salary and security. Although several banks organize their exams, there is a common IBPS exam you can aspire to clear if you are interested in making a career in the banking sector. 


#3: Data Jobs in the Indian Public Sector:

The demand for data scientists in Sarkari jobs is at par with the private sector. Moreover, the Indian government is keen on adopting data analytics to make intelligent decisions. Several government agencies look for professionals with expertise in big data analytics in several fields.


#4: Indian Railways:

The Indian railways recruit the most number of citizens in any country. As an engineer, you can always apply for Sarkari Naukri in Rajasthan in the Indian Railways. The applicants need to clear the placement test directed by the Railway Recruitment Board or the Engineering Services Exam organized by the UPSC. 


#5: Engineering at the National Thermal Power Corporation:

NTPC hires engineers from completely different engineering fields like electronics & Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering, Applied Science, and Mechanical Engineering. With headquarters in Delhi, NTPC has offices around the country. 


$6: PSU Companies after B. Tech:


PSU companies are those in which state or central government hold more than 51% of shares. PSU firms cover industrial genres like service, banking, heavy industries, telecom, etc. Companies like SAIL, ONGC, NTPC, CIL, BHEL, and BPCL are examples of PSU firms. The recruitment process for Sarkari jobs takes place through competitive exams, GATE scores, or campus hiring.

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