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4 Iconic Men’s Outfit Ideas for an Effortless Styling

Men’s Outfit

Is there anything better than having a guide of pre-planned outfits? It saves your time while getting ready in the morning and helps you to make the best use of the pieces you own. Men’s wardrobe is easy to style yet a little inspiration from here and there can help you stay stylish. We have come up with a list of 4 iconic outfit ideas for men. 

Outfit 1: white tee with blue jeans

The first and the most common look that you must have seen most stars flaunt is the combination of a white T-shirt and blue jeans. From Brad Pitt to Donald Glover, Almost every celebrity has flaunted this combination. The trend has been there in trend and will always be there because it’s fashionable and an ever-classic outfit. A white t-shirt and blue jeans combination work for any season especially in the summer season because a white tee keeps you cool. In winter, you can simply throw a blazer on top. So, it’s very important to invest in a good t-shirt because a simple white color T-shirt can make you look super stylish. 

Outfit 2: Blue on blue

Then comes another iconic outfit that does not need much styling effort and still makes you look super sexy. It’s wearing a light blue shirt with dark blue chinos pants. Chinos are a men’s wardrobe staple and a much comfy alternative to ordinary tight-fit jeans. Chinos are made up of 100 percent cotton which makes them super comfy and breezy. Purchase good quality chinos pants in blue color and wear them with a light blue tee or a shirt. It makes you look so put together and you won’t even have to spend time pairing the two items. This outfit idea works well when you want to keep things simple. You can try Perk Clothing for quality chinos. 

Outfit 3: Use T-shirt as a base layer

Just like a pair of chinos, a tee is a man’s best friend. You can wear a t-shirt individually or create different stylish outfits out of a single tee. The next outfit idea is on how to use your t-shirt as a base layer. To reflect that you have put more effort into your outfit, you can try layering your t-shirt under a denim jacket or a pullover depending on the season. Of Course, this outfit is more suitable for cooler seasons like autumn and winter. Underneath, add a cool pair of chinos and finish the look with sneakers. 

Outfit 4: t-shirt with shorts

For a really comfy, super casual yet stylish outfit, combine your basic solid color tee with a pair of summer shorts. This outfit idea is ideal for a man who is always on the go. It’s easy to style just take care of the color combination. Finish off in style by wearing a pair of chucks underneath. It will keep the look casual. You can use it for your travel look. 

Try these iconic men’s outfits that can never go out of style. 


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