Eye Shadow Packaging

These Are 8 Easy Methods to Apply Eyeshadow As Professionals Do

Utilizing eye shadow boxes has become very common in cosmetic brands. These packages are incredible due to their features and qualities. They contain high-quality bux board, kraft, cardboard, and corrugated materials. These materials make them strong, durable, and reliable. They can protect valuable products from any kind of harmful factors such as breakage, climatic conditions, humidity, and moisture.

They are economical packaging solutions due to their low prices. They can be personalized in numerous shapes, styles, designs, and sizes. They can be printed with high-resolution printing methods and with appealing themes, branding elements, and product details. Women always seek ways from which they can do their makeup professionally.

One of the causes behind it is saving money from wasting it on parlors and saloons. Eyes are the most crucial thing on any face. To make eye shadow packaging amazing and flawless, you should know how to apply eyeshadow from eye shadow boxes perfectly. Doing makeup for eyes means doing makeup for more than half of your face. Given tips will help you in doing that professionally.


Many beauty editors propose to utilize foundations as your eyeshadow brush. Utilize a foundation that is a bit darker than your skin tone to get prominent results. It is effective to use the same foundation that you are using to contour your face. For fair skin, a two shades darker foundation will have a great impact on your eyes. You can also get it with an eye shadow box.

Two-Color Trick:

If you are after getting a Smokey look for your eye, you will have to buy a number of products for that. However, there is a simple method for that, which is known as the two-color trick. Take a dot of liquid concealer, or you can take a neutral shadow and make your lids even from that. Then take a second color to match the skin color but make sure to utilize a lighter color for that.

Using Fingers:

Using brushes and foundations can be a little messy sometimes. Utilizing brushes need accuracy, which is why it requires a lot of time. Utilizing fingers in this regard is a bit effective method. If you are a fan of using fingers to put eyeshadow on your eyes, make sure to utilize cream shadows rather than liquid ones. It will also reduce the budget that you spend on getting products in eye shadow boxes. The results you will get from this will be thick and clear.

Small Brush for Lower Lid:

Placing eyeshadow on the lower lid is a bit hard because there is not much space there. First of all, select a small brush to do that. It is preferred if you are utilizing a brush that has round threads. Place the brush on your lower lash line and rub it gently. Make sure to use powder eyeshadow for better results.

Concrete Darker Shadow:

It is the trait of dark colors that they can attract lights instantly. Using a darker tone while placing eyeshadow on your eyes is a perfect approach to look gorgeous. Dark colors will add dimensions and depth to your eyes and make them stand out. Use a blending brush while putting dark colors on the lids of your eyes. Retail packaging will make your eyelids visible.

Winged Shadow Look:

Accuracy is the most important part while doing makeup for the eyes. Edge corners are hard to make when you are using eyeshadow brushes. You have to make a line around the corner of your eye to place the brush properly. You can even find tips for this on printed eye shadow boxes. In this regard, place a tape as a wing for the corner of your eyes and keep track of the brush according to the tape.

A Metallic Shadow:

Using a reflective and shiny color while highlighting the lids of your eyes will give your eyes an amazing look. Take a shimmery and glittery eyeshadow and place it on the corners and middle portion of the eyelids of both eyes. Make sure to utilize a powder version of the highlighter to get better and professional results in this regard.

A Shimmery Shadow:

A shimmery pale eyeshadow always works out perfectly in getting flawless eye makeup. You can find these colors with many custom eye shadow boxes. Keep a pearly light color eyeshade for this purpose. Rub the pencil or brush gently under the brow to keep the edges clean. On the top side of lifestyle, you can place the shadow with a brush but make sure to start rubbing with the center of the lid to get better results.

Buying eye shadow boxes and the latest eyeliners is not enough. You have to learn how to utilize that product effectively as well. If you do not know that, you will be investing a huge amount of money in parlors. The above-mentioned tips will surely help you in getting remarkable eyeshadow results.

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