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Nangs are a popular food trend in Melbourne. However, many people do not know about them because they are a new concept in the city. Nangs are deep-fried noodle cakes that can be served as an entree or a main dish. They have different fillings such as chicken or beef and can be eaten with sauces such as sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce.

These noodles are similar to Chinese dumplings but come with an Asian twist by using rice flour instead of wheat flour. Although these deep-fried noodles might seem like traditional Chinese cuisine, the taste of nangs is unique because it is fried twice before being served at restaurants such as I Love Noodles on Smith Street Prahran, which serve both takeout and delivery services.

Impress your friends with a Nang delivery.

Nangs are a great way to impress your friends. They’re also an ideal gift for people you want to impress, like your boss or new neighbours. If you have kids in your life, a Nang delivery will be your favourite gift of the year.

Nangs are fun and unique, making it easy for everyone to enjoy treats that can be hard to eat sometimes (like carrots). Your friends will love the experience of receiving a box full of delicious nangs through the mail!

Need Nangs Delivered to your party?

Nangs by food delivery are the best snack food you can eat. Nangs are popular among all kinds of people, and people from all over the world love to eat nangs. But if you’re not living in a major city like Sydney or Melbourne, getting your hands on some nangs may be difficult. That’s where our nang delivery service comes in!

We deliver awesome Nang orders straight to your door every single day. We even offer free delivery if you spend more than $20!

Welcome to Nang Delivery Melbourne.

Welcome to Nang Delivery Melbourne. We’re a delivery service for nangs, and we can bring them to your home, party, or event. Our drivers are trained in handling any nang emergency—no matter how big or small—and can even provide suggestions on what flavours would be best for your next get-together!

Our selection of nangs is always growing; if you don’t see what you want today, come back tomorrow because there will be more!

Visit to buy Nangs. has been the premier online retailer of Nangs in Melbourne for over a decade. The store offers an extensive range of nangs in all shapes and sizes, including the increasingly popular cone-shaped nangs that were first introduced to the market in 2022. also sells nangs in various vibrant colours, including pastel pink, neon green, and metallic gold (particularly popular among young professionals). So whether you’re looking for regular-sized or mini nangs; round or square, flower-shaped or star-shaped—you can find them at!

Need nangs delivered for your next event or party? Call now Nang Delivery Melbourne.

Need nangs delivered for your next event or party? Call now Nang Delivery Melbourne. We will bring you some of the best nangs in town at a great price!

We have just what you need if you are looking for ways to get your guests excited about your next birthday party. Nangs delivery Melbourne is one of the most exciting additions to any event, and it’s not just because of their delicious taste but because they are so easy to eat! You don’t need plates or utensils to enjoy these delicious treats; grab them with both hands and chow down! Not only that but they come in all different flavours so everyone can find something they like too.


Nangs are a great option for any event or party you’re planning. Nangs can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep in Melbourne, Australia. You can even get them shipped overseas if needed! If you need help setting up an order, call us at 1800-NANG-ME or email

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