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Beauty Edition: Perfect Makeup Tutorial for the Wedding Occasions


Wedding in India is all about having fun, eating good food, catching up with family and friends, dancing, and looking your best. If you search for a wedding makeup look, there are numerous beauty guides available for brides but very few for bridesmaids and groomsmen. While a lot of people go for full coverage and shimmery makeup look, with the right makeup techniques, you can also look your best by donning a minimalistic yet classy look.

If you have also received an invitation this wedding season and you have picked all the wedding outfits, then it’s time to finalize your wedding makeup look. Deciding how to do makeup when you are a wedding guest can be quite a challenge. If you are struggling to pick the perfect makeup look for the wedding day then relax. Get your traditional glamour to the point with this makeup tutorial using professional makeup brushes and look your best this wedding season. 

Easy Steps to Get Flawless Makeup Look This Wedding Season

Prep your Skin 

For flawless-looking makeup, you need to prep your skin before applying any makeup product. Prep your skin with the right skincare regime that includes a CTM routine for a well hydrated and glowing look. Cleanse your face utilizing face cleansing pads to get rid of dirt, sweat, and oil. Moisturize your face and apply a toner to make it look soft and smooth. The pro tip to apply here is to use a sheet mask and keep it on your face for a few minutes. To double up the wedding glow and excitement to deck up, you can also treat yourself with an at-home facial using a face pack brush and let your skin shine brighter than the moon! 

Start with Applying Primer

Weddings can be hectic with long duration of rituals and back-to-back functions. Thus, to make your makeup last longer without becoming cakey or smudged, it is necessary to apply the layer of primer before putting anything else. A lot of people tend to skip the step of primer and directly move to the base makeup. If you don’t want your hard work to turn into a makeup meltdown then ensure to apply a primer that works as a barrier to hold on to the makeup and hydrates the skin along with blurring all the spots. 

Set up the Base Makeup 

Whether you are going for a full-coverage makeup look or medium coverage, you need a concealer to hide all the dark spots, acne marks, and pigmentations. Apply the concealer in the form of dots and blend it well using VEGA Concealer Brush. These makeup brushes are made up of fine-quality hair and feel soft while touching. Hold the brush and blend the product till it doesn’t settle down and evens every visible crease. Follow the same while applying the foundation. After applying creamy/liquid products, use a setting powder to control the extra shine and soak sweat and oil. This will hold onto the face makeup and avoid breakouts. 

Enhance the Lips with Red Lipstick 

The bright red lipstick makes you stand out no matter what the occasion is. The perfect red lipstick is a show stealer with or without any layer of makeup. Just one swipe of bold red color is more than enough to glam up your wedding makeup look. The vibrant red shades are the best pick to slay in cocktail parties and wedding receptions. When talking about the right way of applying lipstick, outline the lips using a lip liner in the same color shade. Next, use a lip liner brush to outline the edges and then fill the lips with lipstick. 

Accentuate the Eyes 

Finish the makeup by doing eye makeup using the right eye makeup brushes. Begin with doing your eyebrows to accentuate your face and add proper structure to your face. Use a brow pencil or brow powder to fill in the gaps. Next glide eyeliner on the eyelids and to give some volume and lift to your lashes, coat them with mascara. Indian wedding is all about shimmer and shine hence if you want to dazzle up your makeup, you can experiment with applying eyeshadow. Use an eyeshadow brush to take some product and apply it all over the eyes. Begin with a soft or neutral color and blend all over the eyelids. Next, apply a second coat of golden & silver/ colorful metallic shade and blend it further using the eye makeup brush. 

And that’s all! Last but not the least, lock the makeup look by using setting spray and extend the longevity of the makeup look. Makeup is all about having a long-lasting smooth finish that compliments your attire and suits your skin tone. As a guest attending weddings, here’s your go-to makeup guide to look your best and match with the glamour and grandeur. 

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