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3 Secrets Will Make Your Foundation Boxes Look Amazing


If you really want to make your cosmetic brand to be the popular one, then paying high attention to the packaging is something that plays a vital role. For different cosmetic items, a set of amazing packaging ideas are being approached. But right here we are talking about the foundation product for which you need to look for some outstanding and colourful foundation boxes.

If a woman is visiting your store for purchasing a foundation, then definitely focusing on the packaging design is something that is equally important for them. Different styles, shapes and textures of boxes are available to pick the one which suits best according to your product theme. Right through this guide, we will let you know about the few amazing secrets to make your boxes attractive and eye-catching.

Let’s get into the discussion below:

Secrets Will Make Your Foundation Boxes Look Amazing

  1. Be careful about the selection of brighter colours
  2. Be confident in experimenting with the latest printing options
  3. Choose Environment-Friendly Stock

Now we will be discussing each one of these above points in detail for your guidance:

Be careful about the selection of brighter colours

No matter for what purpose you are using the cosmetic boxes, you should be confident about choosing the colour effects which are attractive and brighter. This can be either for the foundation or for the lip gloss products. For the foundation boxes, you should be maintaining an exact shade of box colour in which you will find the foundation tone. At this point, the precision of the colours plays a vital role. It is important that the colour which you are mentioning over the pack should be the same as that which is inside the product. A slight difference in the product colour will bring huge havoc for the cosmetic brand.

Try to stay a bit vigilant when it comes to determining colour accuracy. This won’t be possible to do till the manufacturing of the box uses high-quality inks. Therefore, it is important that you should just be relaying over the selection of colours through the CMYK palette. And hence it should be straight away be mentioned with the huge accuracy over the foundation boxes.

Be careful over the selection of the colour shades for the pack. You should be considering it on the basis of the demographic of the potential customers. The colours which you are choosing are actually the representation of your brand so are wise with your selection.

Be confident in experimenting with the latest printing options

Uniqueness has always remained a major aspect of the packaging industry. And you can experiment with this uniqueness with some great printing options. Through the printing options, you can add the logo with high attractiveness and will also help you to give your brand name proper recognition. A few of the best printing options which you can bring on over the packaging boxes are gold or silver foiling, spot UV, as well as embossing, and raised ink. These additional and best printing options give out a perfect 3 D outlook which they can add to their brand logo like custom boxes with logo.

Some of the foundation boxes have a top lid, so you can easily carry it from one place to another smoothly. Handles and the use of transparent windows will equally give your whole product an inspiring look on shelves. Always try to follow the latest packaging box trends which are popular in the market.

Choose Environment-Friendly Stock

We all know that in the past few years, the whole scenario of the packaging industry has been changed so extensively. It is helpful when it comes to increasing the pressure for reducing the carbon footprints on Earth. And this fact has affected the whole packaging industry in the same way as it has affected the rest of the industries. But today, each customer is a lot conscious when it comes to finding something which can put an impact on the purchaser behaviour. And hence for that sake, they want something which is environment friendly in results

When you have the best packaging, you are sure of the fact that you can recycle it due to its eco-friendly nature. And you should be mentioning this point on your packaging just to win the trust of your customers. This is not just in favour of improving your brand image but will also improve the sales too. Hence, it even shows how much responsibility you are towards the ecosystem and are working for the betterment of the community.


Follow the secrets which we did mention above for you and give your foundation boxes an outstanding appearance to grab the attention of customers. You should better take some help from the competitor brands who have already won the trust of their customers through the colourful packaging of their boxes.

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