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2021: Is This a Good Time to Refinance? Real Facts

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In 2020, coronavirus added stress over personal finances around the world, including a developed country-America. According to U.S. statistics, one-third of people in America have seen a negative impact on their investments. However, thanks to the Federal Reserve as they lower the federal funds rate and give opportunities to Americans to safeguard their home investments. As the federal rates declined, the home loan rates fell, which gave rise to low refinance rates. This gives a big relief to many homeowners to save their wealth by low monthly rates. So, many of you might be thinking, is now a good time to refinance my mortgage? The mortgage refinance rates have started rising, so let’s have a look at a few common questions raised by homeowners in terms of refinancing their home mortgage loan in 2021.

Was 2020 a Favorable Time to Refinance My Home Loan?

Americans who opted to refinance a home loan have availed the advantage. So, it’s a yes that 2020 was an ideal time to refinance your home loan. It was the historic lows that made it difficult to get the same rate in the future. By seeing this opportunity, many homeowners have gone for refinancing at the beginning of 2021. Many predictions have been made, which states that mortgage rates will be low in 2021 and gradually increase in the coming years. So, the ones who have missed it can have a great opportunity to refinance the home loan in 2021 as the rates will uplift by next year (2022). 

Why Should I Still Consider Refinancing in 2021?

The truth is the rates are not low compared to 2020. Moreover, there are some predictions that the rates will be increased in the next few years. So, when to when to refinance your mortgage when there is no surety about a fixed increased rate level. Here, you should consider your financial status. For instance, If you really want to lower the loan term as your credit score is better, then go for the refinancing option. It’s better to take advantage of today’s lower rates and can also use an online mortgage refinance calculator. 

Things to Consider While Refinancing Your Home Loan in 2021

The very first advantage is the low interest rate. But ensure it’s not for every person to go for refinancing. In case you can’t afford the closing costs, then there is no need to go for refinancing. Another reason to refrain from refinancing your home loan is the loan rate is less than 1 percent. It’s important to lower your total debt before applying for refinancing. 

The Bottom Line

Pandemic has impacted the financial status of many Americans. However, one of the best opportunities one received is the low refinance home loan rate in 2020. The rate has slightly increased in 2021 but is still beneficial to the homeowners looking to reduce term loans and save extra money by paying interest. 


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