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Michael is an award-winning public speaker based in London. He has given speeches in more than 20 countries and has written multiple books on Self Growth. Currently, he is also offering assignment writing services in Uk to deserving students. He doesn't charge a single penny from his students but loves to help everyone with his extraordinary skills in the writing domain. He is also an Oxford graduate with winning a Gold medal in his convocation.

In most educational institutions, the important part is to measures the improvements process of institutions by understanding the teaching effects and how they are facilitated to their students. Or most schools are implementing in this process the surveys of student’s feedback. Or those schools are trying to enhance the quality of their teachers or develop their teaching staff without a student feed system. They are ignoring the available most effective and powerful tool. Or, without this tool, they can fully get quality staff. However, it is shown that the student feedback survey system is the most beneficial, reliable, approved, or…

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